17 Jan
By Marie

Trying to Conceive – Try HCG Shots

Getting pregnant and starting a family is probably one of the most precious dreams for any couple, but for some women conceiving is not as easy as thought to be. Some women can plan their family as per there wish, but for some others women, the fertilization becomes a nightly chore. The couple just tosses around different things like ovulation kits, trying specific sexual positions and going for an unending number of fertilization tests to know the reason for the failure to conceive.

Science has made enough progress in this field that there are different methods and medical techniques to increase the chances of conception and getting pregnant. The condition of the patient and the causes of infertility decide the type of treatment to be given. Although there are several techniques and fertility drugs, still one of the popular one among all these are the HCG drugs.

HCG for Fertility:

HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) is often called pregnancy hormone. It is a hormone released by placenta during preganancy and during early pregnancy specialized cells called trophoblasts release this hormone. It is a hormone required to maintain a high level of progesterone in the body that is required for the success of the pregnancy. This hormone also helps to tell you whether you are pregnant or not with the help of the pregnancy test kit that detect the presence of HCG secreted in the urine and its presence in blood too can be checked.

Here is some hcg injections for infertility treatment

 Fertigyn 5000 i.u
 Fertigyn 10000 i.u
 Fertigyn  2000 i.u
 Lupi 5000 i.u
 Ovidac 10000 i.u
 Sifasi HP  5000 i.u
 Ovidac   2000 i.u
 Sifasi-HP  2000 i.u
 Hucog HP 5000 i.u
 Hucog HP 10000i.u

Sometimes HCG can also be used in the fertility treatment.  HCG injections or HCG shots are easily used in this process. The Injections are given once the presence of a mature follicle is noticed in the ovary and the HCG induces the release of the mature egg. The ovulation can happen within 36 hours of giving the injection. Either the HCG injections are given on their own or during the other treatment process such as IVF or IUI.

So, to make the artificial insemination process, egg retrieval or sexual intercourse successful, your doctor can give you HCG shots primarily.

Giving HCG Shots and its Monitoring:

The HCG trigger shot given to the patient is closely monitored. The doctors may monitor the progress with the help of ultrasounds. It is useful to monitor the progress of the developing follicles. The ultrasound may help you to identify the size of follicles and to tell whether your eggs are ready to be released or not. The injection is either given through intramuscular or subcutaneous injections.

Time Schedule to Ovulate After HCG Shots:

The HCG injections are available online too. After giving an HCG shot, a woman will be able to ovulate within 36 hours. It is very necessary process to identify the correct ovulation time with the help of this process as it is an important task during the IVF or IUI treatments. Hence, the procedures are scheduled according to this HCG shots.