HCG Injections for Weight Loss

04 Oct
By Marie

HCG is a natural hormone which is present in the urine of pregnant women. It is evident that when isolated, HCG can even out your metabolism and stimulate your body’s abilities to burn fat which leads to weight loss. In most cases, HCG is injected through daily injections, keeping in mind the necessary guidelines.

The Way HCG to lose Weight:

HCG hormone activates your body’s innate ability to burn fat, controls hunger and handles your energy resources. While taking HCG drops, a strict diet of about 500 calories per day is required to be taken. The diet requires you to cut off fat, sugar, and processed junk food, and emphasizes more on fresh fruit and vegetables.

HCG injections work for both men and women. You can benefit from the simple practice of taking these injections on a schedule of once a week. You can even continue the administration of these injections, long after you have accomplished your weight loss goals, for maintaining your weight throughout.

HCG Injections deliver vitamins and minerals to your body. These nutrients are essential for weight loss. Along with rapid and healthy weight loss comes motivation that gives you more determination to push through with the promises you made to yourself. HCG Injections are safe for your body, as the hormone HCG is naturally produced in the human body during pregnancy to HCG support the growth of the baby.

How to use HCG injections?

There are different ways in which HCG can be employed as a weight loss product, but administering it via injections is the most extreme yet most effective way of all. The plan lasts for 28 or 56 days considering the present condition of the consumer, and has reported to have caused weight loss amounting to 10 or 20 pounds within the time span of just a month. The HCG Injections are paired with a 500-800 calorie diet; but worry not, as the HCG Injection’s responsibility is to maintain muscle form while your body sheds unwanted fat. HCG Injections HCG Re-tune the body’s metabolism and maintains appetite while shedding off belly fat.

HCG Injections are not designed as a lifestyle change, but rather a HCGing hand to making one. Upon losing weight from HCG Injections, it can provide more motivation and determination to its users, enabling them to make healthier decisions and inspiring them to make a lifestyle change on their own.


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